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How do I get in contact?

Give us a call on 03305 553 330

Alternatively you can also email each location

Castleford Xscape: castleford@immotionvr.co.uk

Brighton: brighton@immotionvr.co.uk

Glasgow: braehead@immotionvr.co.uk

Bristol: bristol@immotionvr.co.uk

O2 London: contact@immotionvr.co.uk

General enquiries:

Customer Service are available Mon-Fri: 09.00-17.00 / Sat: 10:00 – 16:00

Who are ImmotionVR?

ImmotionVR [the UK’s largest group of virtual reality (VR) experience centres] is the customer-facing solution of Immotion Group plc – a business that brings together world-class CGI experts, award-winning content creators, amazing storytellers and state-of-the-art motion platform technology to provide customers with immersive ‘out-of-home’ VR experiences.

Immotion VR provides consistent, high quality immersive experiences for guests in every location. With sites located across the country in high-footfall, centre-aisle positions, the Immotion VR brand stands out as a unique, low-cost activity for all ages.

Recognised for its unique design and set-up and ever-changing experiences that keep guests returning to immerse themselves in new exciting virtual realities.
What is the cost?

Important: Our passes are NOT experience specific but can be used against most experiences.  

Our Standard Pass is perfect to visit and use against our Racing Simulators or Cinematic Experiences and these are sold at £8pp and last around 6-8 minutes.

Our Standard Pass Plus is great to try more than one thing or to visit a favourite experience and give yourself two attempts at that new high score.

Our Variety Pass for 30 minutes of experience time allows you to choose on arrival from a wide range of exciting options and map out your journey through Virtual Reality with our friendly guides.

Our Premium pass for 1 hour of experience time allows you to choose on arrival an action packed or relaxed journey through new horizons and spend that extra time in your favourites or discovering something new.

In all our Variety and Premium sessions you will rotate through various experiences.

For more information you can visit the booking section of our website or follow us on social media for updates on deals and discounts.

Can I purchase a gift card?

ImmotionVR offers a range of gift vouchers from. These can be purchased in two ways.

  1. On location in our centres which hold stock of physical store cards in £20 or £30 options, although it is subject to availability so it is advised to contact and reserve first.*
  2. With our new website we have introduced E-vouchers which you can find in the Prices and Offers Page.

*Contact us via email if you would like physical vouchers posted as you cannot make it to a store. To do this purchase an E-Voucher and send us your Code starting with GXXX… and preferred postal address to contact@immotionvr.co.uk.

All gift cards and E Vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase. Our further terms can be found here: https://immotionvr.com/wp/gift-card-terms/
Where is your nearest Virtual Reality centre?

Please visit our location page to find out more details about your local stores.

Are there any restrictions in place?

Our locations provide excellent access for all kinds of requirements to get to our centre. With regards to our machines, most require the ability for full body movement and self-stabilising strength. We will always try to accommodate as best we can for anyone who wants to visit us, so long as there is no increased risk to safety of customers or our machines. Our VR Cinema Pods are an immersive passenger experience which we hope will give access to this incredible technology for the widest variety of people.

Our VR cinema pods are limited to a minimum of 100 cm in height, for interactive experiences using the Vive Pro and racing simulators we specify ages 8+. The longer VARIETY and PREMIUM PASS options we expect guests to be able to use the full range of experiences so also stipulate ages 8+.

If you suffer from any medical conditions, you should discuss these with a trained health professional. Certainly, any sensitivity to light or motion should be given due consultation before use of our machines. Please do call 03305553330 or contact us at contact@immotionvr.co.uk if you would like to clarify anything.

Is there an age limit?

There may be age limits based on the content of our individual experiences, but overall, we want to encourage access to this new world of experiences for everyone aged 8 and above. The main factor in this is to ensure the user is able to wear the headset comfortably and operate the larger machines.

DISCLAIMER: For those under the age of 10, we recommend a 30 minute session. This is due to the size of some of the machines that smaller children may not be able to use to complete a full-hour rotation.


Can I spectate?

Spectators and Guardians are not required to pay to be in attendance. We have screens placed to display what players are experiencing on most stations which are great to pick up some tips for yourself or offer advice.

What is the booking Capacity

Each store has it’s own capacity which may vary depending on the machines that they are running. The booking portal will allow you to book the standard number of available slots. For group bookings please contact us directly at contact@immotionvr.co.uk.

Can we play multiplayer?

Multiplayer functionality varies depending on the machines available at each location. Most of our machines support social play. Our VR cinema pods share experiences and some of our other simulators, such as Project Cars 2, are locally connectable for multiplayer. This is subject to the network and we appreciate your patience during the rare occasion when there are difficulties.

How do I redeem my gift-card?
  1. Select your desired pass on the website.
  2. Click ”Book Now” and select a time slot
  3.   Enter your details on the booking screen.
  4. On the final booking portal payment screen select ‘Gift Card’ and enter your unique gift card ID.

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