VR Simulators

Our fully immersive simulators deliver incredible virtual reality content, with stunning wrap around sound and multi-directional movement. Each self-contained pod maximises floor space, is easy to set up and can be branded to your location.

VR Cinema Pod

Ages 6+

A unique shared experience, these pods open the way to unimaginable possibilities. Developed with advanced motion mapping technology to help your body follow your mind into new worlds.

Most Watched Titles

Delta Zero
Legend of Lusca


Thousand Oaks


Ages 8+

Attractive on the outside, and even more beautiful on the inside. With pivoting overhead connections hidden from view, you are hooked up with complete freedom of movement in a defined space. This gives you the chance to duck, dodge and jump out of trouble in two worlds at once!

Most Played Games

Affected: The Manor


Ages 8+

Race against each other with these balance controlled arcade racers, feel the speed as the fans increase with your speed and domination the competition.

Most Played Games

Extreme Racing - Moto


Ages 8+

Force feedback and motion hydraulics add another touch of magic to this fully immersive racing experience. Networked for multiple players, these machines let you explore new worlds and encourage you to exercise your competitive streak.

Most Played Games

Extreme Racing